We offer specialized Consultancy services in Quality Management,Process improvement and Stategic Consulting for the manufacturing and Service Industries.

  • Assisting  you in establishing robust, fail-safe processess in your organisation,which are compliant to globally recognized standards
  • Assisting you in benchmarking key business metrics for continous improvement
  • Working with you in safeguarding their intellectual property in the market place

Explore our Consultancy Services:

ISO Certifications:

ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems is a universal standard that addresses how organisations manage the quality of their product and services. We lead the various QMS Certifications taking the process compliance and tracking to the next level

Six Sigma Consulting:

Six Sigma is a quality management approach which helps identify causes of defects and minimizing variability in business processes. Six Sigma appoaches make extensive use of statistical quality management approaches. We lead various Six Sigma projects on the various business processess aimed at achieving specific objectives such as reduction of cycle time, reduction of waste/scrap, improving customer satisfaction etc

Strategic Consulting Services:

The global marketplace is a continuously evolving eco-system. Organizations can sustain their competitive edge in this eco-systems only by evaluating their positioning and aligning their strategies in line with expectations of the eco-system. We at Veegate Solutions will help you identify these strategic imperatives to enhance business performance and also work with you to help your organization realign itself internally to these strategic imperatives. Our services will help you strategize and enhance your positioning in the market

Contact Center Set up:

We can craft your contact Center strategy and implement it for you. We advice you on how to set up your Contact Center based on your objectives and then provide ongoing management of this facility for you. Our advisory will cover Contact Center Training, Technology and Infrastructure, Standard Operating proceedures, Work Force Management and Quality Management & Training. We also provide Contact Center Analytics to uncover business insights, to provide better reporting visibility and to enable a more personalized customer experience. We can make your contact center ready for any global and regional standard. We also conduct audits of Contact Centers to access them against global and regional standards and provide solutions to address any deficiencies

Shared Service Center Set up:

We advice you on how to set up your own shared service center to support your global support functions remotely

Our advisory will cover Project Planning and Development, Technology and Infrastructure,  Designing the E2E Process flow, Process Re engineering, Team Restructuring, Work  Force Management, Training & Development.