Unilogia ia an Outsourcing Service provider specializing in business process management  to financial services, retail, FMCG, consumer electronics, manufacturing and other service verticals. We also specializing in providing management consulting solutions to customers in Asia Pacific region on Sales & operational strategy, innovation, problem solving and business transformation across select industry verticals and recognised as a world leader in Performance Excellence. Over the years, we have partnered with clients in solving their most critical business problems, helping them take better decisions, translate actions into results and create sustainable business advantage. The management team at Unilogia has serviced customers in Singapore, Malaysia, India, Middle east and USA.

Our competency lies in helping to build a culture of Governance & Innovation using best of breed practices across the enterprise, planning and deployment of strategic decisions that transcends from top management to the lowermost execution level, optimization of processes, solving business problems efficiently at all stages of growth and helping them transform to leverage their own capabilities with changing market dynamics. Over the years we have delivered better ROI to our client and cumulative benefits that go beyond financial dimensions.

We partner with clients to design solutions in the most efficient way, always with a strong emphasis on people, objectivity, insight and in-sourcing.

Head-quartered in Bangalore, India, Unilogia offers unique & specific value additions to customers right from strategy to implementation